About us


Our mission is to help bring great ideas to life.

Starting in December 2015 and based in Melbourne, Australia, 123Pitch is an online directory and community for people with great ideas, entrepreneurs and potential investors.

We know there are great ideas – big and small – out there that just need some support to get that ball rolling, and there are equally as many people who would love to get involved and see these ideas flourish and maybe become the next big thing. 123Pitch connects these people to make ideas become a reality.

What we do

123Pitch provides an avenue for budding entrepreneurs to find financial/mentoring support from potential investors who are interested in seeing an idea get off the ground.

Our platform provides:

> A directory of investors from all over the world

> Educational support for entrepreneurs on how to establish and run projects

> A gateway for investors to find great ideas

> Resources for entrepreneurs to navigate through their career



In 2013, Chung and Scott came up with a crazy idea to create an amazing advertising platform for local businesses. To make their idea a reality they spent countless hours, heated discussions and resisted the urge to physically harm each other to see their idea come to fruition.

In their process they stumbled across many huge obstacles with the main one being funding. Both the guys and their team spent many months creating presentations, proposals and plans in preparation to begin discussions with private investors, investment firms and venture capitalist.

It was then that they realised the biggest challenge wasn’t actually building their offer documents, but instead finding people to talk to about their ambitions and project. (Luckily enough…. they did find funding and their project has kick started with a bang!)

It was these events that got them thinking about the investment environment and how to make it easier for entrepreneurs to connect with people who are willing to listen to them.. Thus 123Pitch was born….

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