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Angel Investors Offer Early Financing for Small Businesses

Angel Investors have been responsible for funding some of the biggest names in business today – Google, Yahoo!, Starbucks and Costco to name a few. Yet, many small business owners do not understand what an Angel Investor is or how to find one.Read more

5 Tips for Attracting Angel Investors

What do you do when you have a great business idea, but don’t have the money to fund it? While some entrepreneurs turn to small business loans or crowdfunding, others seek out angel investors, individuals or groups of individuals who invest in startups in exchange for an equity share of the company. Read more

Avoid the Seed-Funding Surge Trap With These 8 Tips

“Finding startup funding is easy.”

Of course, anyone who has ever been involved with a startup knows that this is not something you would typically hear from founders. Finding credible investors with the resources to invest — and convincing them to commit — continues to be a time- and resource-consuming challenge for all startups.Read more

6 Questions to Determine If a Potential Investor Is the Right Investor

Investors are choosy where they put their money and an entrepreneur needs to be just as careful who they allow to invest in their company. You will likely be working with your investors for many years, so study the potential investor as deeply as you do the terms of the investment. Asking potential investors the right questions, before they invest in your company, will pay off with higher returns in the future.Read more

How to Really Get Startup Seed Funding

If you really want to get startup seed funding, you should consider downloading “Startup Seed Funding for the Rest of Us” by Mike Belsito–it’s free for a limited time on Amazon, but well worth the “investment” if you miss out on the complimentary days.

However, if you are not a bookworm, there’s good news: I’ve done the heavy reading for you and summarized Belsito’s tips into an easy to digest blog (if only all aspects of a startup were so simple!).Read more

4 Tips To Raising Seed Stage Capital For Your Startup

On the way to work this morning, I had a call with a fellow entrepreneur (we’ll call John for the purposes of this post) that is getting his tech startup off the ground.  I’ve been very impressed with the vision of his company and his approach to validating the idea in the market.  During a lunch meeting he had yesterday, a wealthy friend of his liked his company so much that he offered to invest $100k to help him finish product development and get the idea into market.  While John was excited about the offer, he was filled with nervousness because he didn’t know how to respond.  He wasn’t sure if his friend was his first choice for a new investment partner, but didn’t want to dismiss the offer either.Read more

4 Ways to Win Startup Investors

It’s rare for entrepreneurs to have all the capital they need to start a business at the exact moment a great idea strikes. More often than not, a startup needs a little bit of financial help before it can get off the ground.

A business can raise funds a number of ways, including through business loans, crowdfunding and large-scale investors. Raad Mobrem, CEO and co-founder of tech startup Lettuce, took the investor route for his company, and successfully secured several million dollars during his first round of fundraising. Mobrem offered these four tips to help you win over potential investors.Read more

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