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1. Register as an Investor123Pitch Investment Growth

123Pitch is the ideal platform for people who are involved in the start-up industry, or wanting to dip their toe in the high growth start-up sectors.

Ideally you will be comfortable with risk and have an understanding of risk and reward. Any start-up business is risky, at the same time the rewards can be massive! Venture Capitalist and Angel investors know this that's why they get involved!

123Pitch is a great way for people that are financially comfortable and ready to diversify their portfolios. Since most of the Entrepreneurs here are in early stage businesses, the capital funding sort tend to be smaller (low $thousands).

If you're ready to invest then you've come to the right place!

Pitch Investor Create profile2. Create a profile 

Tell us about you. Give entrepreneurs a brief about who you are and what experiences you have. Then tell us about what industry you're interested in and how you would like to get involved.

Give entrepreneurs a window to you so they can feel comfortable engaging you.

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3. GET VERIFIEDTick Verification

Now that you've completed your profile, we'll begin to verify the information you've provided us.

This process usually takes 24 hours to complete. This is a very important part of 123Pitch, as it helps give the entrepreneurs the confidence to engage with you.  Our analyst may get in touch with you during this process if, we need more information or clarity.


Investor Contact4. Entrepreneurs get in touch with you

At this point Entrepreneurs will begin sending you messages to engage in contact with you. You may receive messages both locally in your region and internationally from verified entrepreneurs who have seen your profile and want to engage with you.

You have absolutely NO OBLIGATION to commit anything, and it's 100% up to your discretion on who you want to communicate with.

All the entrepreneurs on 123Pitch have been verified by our trained analysts, much the same way as how you have been verified.


5. Get Pitched ToInvestor Decision

The ball is in your court! Once you have decided you want to proceed further and discover more about a particular project / business, it's up to you now to arrange how you want to get pitched to. The options are endless and you have the discretion to decide how you will approach this.

We suggest that you make sure that your fully understand the pitch and engage appropriate advice to help you make an informed decision.

Remember have NO OBLIGATION to invest in an idea if you don't feel it is appropriate for you!

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