How it works

1. Register as an Entrepreneurlight-bulb-800px

You're ready to get serious about your idea. It's time to let people know

what amazing project you have up your sleeve.

Profile Pic2. Create a profile 

Tell us about you. Give the investors a brief about who you are and what experiences

you have. Then tell us about your project or business. What are you doing and why?

Give investors a window to you so they can feel comfortable engaging you.

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3. GET VERIFIEDTick Verification

Now that you've completed your profile, we'll begin to verify the information you've provided us.

This process usually takes 24 hours to complete. This is a very important part of 123Pitch,

as it helps give the investors the confidence to engage with you.  Our analyst may get in

touch with you during this process if, we need more information or clarity.


How it works - filter4. Find Investors 

Access our network of investors FREE both locally in your region and internationally. Search our database using filters, choosing the industry and location that best suits you. All the investors on 123Pitch have been verified by our trained analysts, much the same way as how you have been verified.


5. Contact the Investor with a 'click'123Pitch Contact Picture

This is the easy part! When you find the investors that you believe is best suited to help fund your idea.  Contact them with a simple click of the "Contact" button and give them a brief summary about you, your project or business and any other information that will spark their interest and respond to you.

We suggest that you don't give away to much in your opening contact. Remember this is the greeting stage!


My Pitch6. THE PITCH

Emotions begin to flood at this point. It's scary! It's exciting! It's taunting! It's fun! You're pumped! LET'S GO!

This is probably the most nerve racking experience in the start-up phase, but also the most rewarding. The investors are interested in speaking with you. They like what they've seen up to this point, so now it's up to you to bring the $$ in! You will need to bring your "A" game to the table and pitch your business idea and show them why the investors should join you on your amazing journey. Good Luck!


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