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Playing with angels: Eight tips for becoming a successful angel investor

Entrepreneurial culture in Australia has never been as buoyant as in the last two years. More people have given up their 9-to-5 jobs in pursuit of something bigger. Driven by stories of success, others have dared to dream big and make these dreams a vision.Read more

How to be an angel investor

The Turnbull government’s innovation inducements are trying to create an army of angel investors out of ordinary Australians, but how do you get started?

The “fail fast and fail often” mantra entrepreneurs live by might sound like a breath of fresh air to middle-management employees in large corporations, but it’s a tough concept to swallow if you’re thinking about becoming an investor in a start-up.

Depending on who you talk to and how lucky they’ve been, most people with experience in early-stage companies will admit the attrition rates for invested capital in this area are painfully high.

The reference point that one in every 11 early-stage start-ups fail seems to be a universal one among venture capital firms, which pool capital to back entrepreneurs seeking to get their big ideas off the ground.

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How Angel Investing Is Different Than Venture Capital

At our new venture fund, we’ve been spending time looking into new ways that will make the lives of entrepreneurs seeking funding easier. To that end, we’ve linked up with Ted Wang who has been working on an open source legal project called the Series Seed documents. We’re impressed with his work and are going to use these standard funding documents as part of our seed stage investments wherever appropriate.Read more

How To Invest In Startups And Make Money

Investing in startups is trending, but the million dollar question is how to generate outsized returns?

How do you actually make real money?

If you had invested just $10,000 in Amazon, Dell, Apple, or Microsoft, when they went IPO, you’d be a million dollars richer just from that investment according to the IPO Playbook. Apple kicked that 100x ‘Franklin Multiple’ to the curb with a 4,581.7% rise in stock value between 2002 and 2012 alone.Read more

How to Invest in Startup Companies

Individuals who invest in early stage companies are often called “angel investors.” Investing in startup companies can be rewarding personally and financially. The return on investment can be quite high for the first investors in a startup that is successful because the valuation of the company is lowest in the beginning — the investors get a larger equity stake for a given amount of dollars invested. Angel investors gain satisfaction from providing strategic advice to the companies they invest in — giving the up-and-coming generation of entrepreneurs the benefit of their business experience and knowledge.Read more

The Importance of the Organizational Structure for a Company

The organization structure, often called the organization chart when it is put down on paper, is a vital tool for top management to use when planning the staff required to run the company efficiently and cost-effectively. Preparing the chart helps ensure that no necessary positions are overlooked and there are no departments with surplus staff.Read more

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