I have contacted multiple investors but have not received a response?
March 22, 2016

As you know, 123Pitch is looking to build a world class global platform for entrepreneurs to find and connect with potential investors to help them fund their project/business. Most investors are different from one another and their appetite for risk will also be different. Some investors may not have a particular interest in certain industries and that may make them bias towards certain investment types.

Generally, raising funding is one of the hardest tasks in starting a business, and entrepreneurs may have to knock on hundreds of investor doors before somebody gives them a break. Every startup business has with it a very large risk associated with the business. Investors need to strategically and carefully evaluate each proposal that is put to them, thus some businesses may appeal more than other businesses to invest in.

“As an entrepreneur myself having raised funding for previous projects, I found the best way to get funding was to knock on as may doors as possible. Raising funding is an art of selling and a numbers game. The more people you speak to, the higher the chances of getting funding. There’s really no easy way about it.” – Chung, founder of 123Pitch

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