What stage of my business/project should I be at for 123Pitch?
March 21, 2016

Your business/project can be at any stage to list on 123Pitch. The stages are defined as:

  • Development (Seed) – you have an idea and are exploring the feasibility of building a technology product or service based on that idea. You’re working to determine how you will build the product or deliver the service, and to identify the target customers, partners, distributors and competitors in your market.
  • Startup – you have proved that your idea is feasible and that you have a credible business model to deliver the product or service to an attractive target market. For the most part, the business has no or minimal revenue at this stage. However, prospective customers and/or distribution partners have indicated their willingness to test the product and purchase it if it works as intended when ready for commercial shipment.
  • Growth – you’re on your way to building a successful business. You have largely assembled your team and the business has initial revenues from the sales of your product or service. Note that some investors may require the business to achieve higher amounts of revenue before considering investment.
  • Established – your business is established and you are looking for funding and financing to grow beyond critical mass.

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